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Learn Spanish Now will make you speak Spanish fluently while showing ​you what the Spanish-speaking life is like.

We are based in Medellin, Colombia and more than grammatical lessons (which is very important in this process), we want to teach you how the Spanish-speaking culture thinks through interactive activities and with native teachers.

Our lessons follow the “Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment” ( CEFR ) which place the students of a language in between the levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2, according to their ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing Learn more about our courses!

However, we understand every student has specific needs or preferences, so we can also accommodate courses to your learning method.

We offer private and group lessons online. All the lessons are done in Spanish (the speed and difficulty of the conversation varies according to the level of the student).

The duration can be 1, 1.5 or 2 hours and you can take as many lessons as you want in a week.

During your lessons, we will provide you with different material such as infographics, worksheets, board games and we will also show you real examples such as articles, news, videos, songs so that you can see the language working.

Write to us to know your wishes and needs, so we will make your customized curriculum.

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meet your teachers


My name is Paula Aristizábal, I am from Medellín, Colombia and I am a Spanish teacher for foreigners since 2015. I studied Hispanic Philology at the University of Antioquia. It is about studying the structure and evolution of a language, also its historical development and the culture that uses it; that is why it includes studies of: Latin, Greek, linguistics, literature, history, philosophy of language, etc.

In 2013 I made a trip to Mexico to study at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. There, in addition to studying a bit of French, I received two great gifts for my life, the first one was to understand, through all Mexicans and people from other Hispanic countries, the richness of our language and all the cultural differences that surround it. The second one was thanks to all the non-Spanish-speaking foreigners who made me discover how much I enjoyed teaching and explaining things about my culture and my language.

That is why I later got a certification in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. I love cultural and linguistic studies, I am a very passionate person in my work and, currently, I am working on this project called Learn Spanish Now. For more than three years, I have taught people from all over the world, which has allowed me to know different cultures and understand that each student has specific needs on which I will focus so that you can learn / improve this beautiful language.

I am looking forward to meet you and to teach you because you can learn Spanish now.


My name is Astrid Vargas, I am from Medellín, Colombia. I have a degree in Spanish from the University Pontificia Bolivariana and I am a Normalista Superior with an emphasis in Humanities and Spanish Language.

I am a Spanish teacher since 2008, I first worked in a school with young people and adults. In 2015 I started to teach Spanish as a foreign language at all levels required by the Common European Framework and also in the preparation of the DELE test. I have experience in private, group and Skype lessons. During this time I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to explore different cultures, which has helped me to teach from everyday life  and in different contexts.

I love teaching and that is why I do it according to my student’s needs, taking into account their own rhythm of learning. I am also passionate about my language and I like to transmit it to those who wish to learn it. Now I am working on Learn Spanish Now, a project that was born out of the enormous passion we have to share our culture and language all over the world. 

Join us and study Spanish in Medellín or by Skype.

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