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our teaching philosophy

Learn Spanish Now will make you speak Spanish fluently while showing ​you what Spanish-speaking life is like.

We are based in Medellin, Colombia, and more than grammatical lessons (which is very important in this process), we want to teach you how the Spanish-speaking culture thinks through interactive activities and with native teachers.


Our curriculum is based on international standards so that our students can travel, study, work and communicate in any Spanish-speaking country.


However, we understand every student has specific needs or preferences, so we can also accommodate courses to your learning method.

During all of our courses, we will provide you with different materials such as infographics, worksheets, board games and we will also show you real examples such as articles, news, videos, songs so that you can see the language working.

Contact us to know your wishes and needs, so we will make your customized curriculum.

Spanish academy created by experts in the study of language!

Who Are We?


Paula Aristizábal

Co-founder  |  Spanish teacher

  • Hispanic Philologist from the University of Antioquia.
  • Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
  • Spanish teacher since 2015.


Eliana Vargas

Co-founder  |  Spanish teacher

  • Spanish teacher from the University UPB.
  • Qualified preschool/elementary school teacher.
  • Spanish teacher since 2008.


Sindy Metaute

Spanish teacher

  • Hispanic Philologist / Graduate in Literature and Spanish Language from the University of Antioquia.
  • Spanish teacher since 2019.


Stephany Ortega

Spanish teacher


Kelly Peraza

Spanish teacher

Let us teach you and speak Spanish now!

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