Five Reasons to Learn Colombian Spanish

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Spanish is one of the world’s most influential languages. It is spoken in most of the Americas and has an estimated 580 million speakers, including 100 million non-native speakers. However, it is no secret that some countries have developed variants thanks to different cultures. Today we tell you five reasons why it is worth learning Colombian Spanish.

1- Cultural diversity


Colombia is one of the countries with the most significant number of traditions that are different from each other. This brings meaning and variety to the language. A Spanish language academy in Colombia will allow you to get closer to its cultural richness and new expressions. Thus, you will not sound like a robot or with very stiff Spanish when you visit the country. In addition, you will undoubtedly have more resources to learn about the different places in the country.

2- Expand your job opportunities

Colombia is a country in constant growth and development, meaning many job opportunities exist in different areas. In addition, it is a nation open to receive visitors and foreigners who wish to work in its lands. That is why knowing Colombian Spanish can be advantageous when looking for a job there. Another point of view is if your company travels frequently to the country or if you have ties with companies that have commercial relations with Colombia.


3- Complete tourist experience


Colombia is a tourist destination par excellence in South America. Its variety of landscapes, climates, and activities to do will ensure that you have a full agenda during your time in the country. But communicating is very important for you to have a complete experience. In addition, some of the country’s tourist attractions can only be thoroughly enjoyed if you understand Colombian Spanish. That’s why preparing in advance will help you connect with every destination you visit in the country.

The most practical way is thanks to an online Spanish tutor. You can access the sessions from the comfort of your home and according to your available time. Then, when you feel confident, it is time to travel to Colombia. In addition, it adjusts to your level of Spanish in general and allows you to reinforce the specific and unique knowledge of the Colombian language.

4- Streamlined communication

Learning Colombian Spanish, whether needed for your job or to improve your tourist experience, makes your communication more agile. For example, if you have Colombian friends or relatives, you will be able to understand better what they want to express. And when interacting with strangers, you will be able to understand those little details that in standard Spanish do not make sense to you. In addition, developing your language skills and understanding the local context allows you to build closer relationships.

5- A fun challenge

Colombians are very cheerful and fun-loving people. Their way of thinking and attentiveness to visitors has made it a culture worth approaching worldwide. Although Colombian Spanish has different variations depending on the city, the Spanish classes in Medellin are the most recognized. Medellin and its nearby cities are a must on your visits, and fun is guaranteed if you know all the right words to communicate.

Opening for all Latin America


Apart from the five reasons we have already told you, we have another one for you. Colombian Spanish is one of Latin America’s most precise and most fluent accents. Regardless of its local variations, the vocalization and the way it is pronounced make you understandable anywhere. Whether in Colombia or other Spanish-speaking countries, you can communicate without any problems.

So now you know, if you want to visit several countries during your trip or live in Latin America and still can’t decide which variant of Spanish to learn, Colombian is a great option. Also, with Learn Spanish Now, you have a lot of facilities to learn the language whether you are already in the country or if it is still in your plans.

Learn Spanish Now; get ready now.

You know five reasons to learn one of the most complete, fun, and valuable Spanish variables. But where to find an academy? In Learn Spanish Now, we have various courses, and our tutors teach their classes from Medellin. From an introductory survival language course to corporate Spanish, you can learn Colombian Spanish with us, which is practical and fun. Start now by contacting us.

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