Why learn Spanish

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Why learn Spanish?

10 reasons to study Spanish


1. Did you know that Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world? It has around 780 million speakers. And it is after Mandarin Chinese with about 1.3 billion speakers and English with 1.8 billion speakers.



2. Spanish has almost 500 million of native speakers, which makes it the second mother tongue in the world, after Mandarin Chinese with 950 million.


3. In addition, it is the official language of 20 countries in the world and it is also one of the official languages in Puerto Rico that does not count as an independent country, but as a territory of the United States.


4. Until the end of 2017 more than 21 million people in the world were studying Spanish as a foreign language.


The following graph shows the approximate number of Spanish students per country up to 2004 made by the Instituto Cervantes.


5. On the other hand, Spanish is the second most used language in both Facebook and Twitter and is the third most used language in the network.


6. In addition, it is an important economic asset, since bilateral exports between Spanish-speaking countries are multiplied by four thanks to the common language.


7. In terms of popularity, Spanish does not show any decline, on the contrary, the figures have been constantly increasing in the last decade.


According to the Instituto Cervantes “the British Council places Spanish as the second most important language to learn for British citizens. It is also estimated that the Hispanic population in the US will reach 130 million by 2060, which would make the US in the country with the most Spanish speakers in the world and would further increase the global importance of this language”.


8. Studying Spanish will allow you to travel and communicate with locals from Spain, North America (Mexico and thousands of Spanish-speaking people in the US), all Central America and South America (except for Brazil), the Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico) and Africa (Equatorial Guinea).


9. You could also study in one of the universities of all these countries or even work in one of them.


10. On the other hand, studying Spanish will make you understand the Hispanic culture and how we see the world.


These data were taken from the yearbook “Spanish in the world, 2017” of the Instituto Cervantes.


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